If you prefer a more luxurious experience while getting close to nature, you can dip your toes a little bit with some of the top glamping sites in Southeast Asia. Glamping is an emerging trend in today’s tourism industry, which lets you experience nature such as camping but still have access to modern facilities such as a comfortable bed, bathroom facilities, kitchen, and a few other amenities you wouldn’t get to enjoy in a traditional camping experience.

 If your kids are too young to rough it out in the wild, these glamping sites in Southeast Asia would be the next best thing.

Top Family – Friendly Glamping Sites in Southeast Asia

Tadom Hill Resort

1. Tadom Hill Resort, Malaysia

This glamping resort is located in Malaysia and is easily accessible via taxi or train from Kuala Lumpur (about an hour away). This glamping site is quite picturesque as it is located next to a lake. This gives your kids plenty of activities to enjoy such as swimming, diving, and rafting. The resort also offers a wide range of amenities that your kids can enjoy including the fly foxing zip wire. There are also plenty of on-site restaurants that enable you to enjoy traditional Malaysian cuisine and local delicacies.

 This resort is located within the Orang Asli temuan, which makes it a sustainable glamping resort that gives back to the community.

Hintok River Camp

 2.  Hintok River Camp, Thailand

This is another exciting glamping site for the adventure-driven family visiting Thailand. The Hintok River Camp, like Tadom Hill Resort, is located right next to a river. This camp is known for its white canvas tents and luxurious villas that are ideal for families looking for a glamping adventure in Thailand. You will be able to enjoy being close to nature while enjoy modern comforts during your stay. There are several options for beds to suit your needs and that of your family’s. It would be great to sleep in these comfortable beds and then wake up to the sound of the chirping birds or the flow of water in the river.

 During the day, you also have endless opportunities to do more adventure-filled activities with your kids such as kayaking, hiking, bamboo rafting, and caving. Due to the comfortable and modern amenities in this glamping site, it is the ideal place to take your toddlers camping in Southeast Asia.

JapaMala Resort

 3.  JapaMala, Malaysia

The JapaMala Resort is another noteworthy glamping site for the entire family in Southeast Asia. It is located in Tioman Island, which is just off the Malaysian peninsular coast. This is an eco-friendly resort that is emerging as one of the top glamping sites in Malaysia. The glamping site is located in the midst of a lush and green rainforest with wooden villas that you can stay in for a reasonable cost. Not only is this a great glamping site to stay in for the whole family because of the amenities, but it is also a nice way for your kids to re-connect with nature. Some of the activities you get to enjoy together such as fishing, snorkeling, swimming, and hiking.

Kamu Lodge

 4.  Kamu Lodge, Laos

The Kamu Lodge in Laos makes the cut for the best glamping sites for the whole family because of their beautifully designed and eco-friendly lodges. Get in touch with nature as you get to spend a night or two amidst the jungles of Laos. Your kids can camp comfortably while being close to nature as they have access to modern facilities such as bathrooms, kitchens, and a comfortable bed for the night. The best part about glamping in Kamu Lodge is the opportunity to immerse into the local culture of Laos. You will be able to meet and learn about the culture straight from the locals, as you get to know more about their daily activities such as weaving, net fishing, archery, and gold panning

Sandat, Indonesia

 5. Sandat Ubud, Indonesia

Exploring the rice terraces of Ubud is an experience that you cannot miss when visiting Indonesia. Therefore, you will get the chance to experience that with your family and little kids when you stay at Sandat Glamping resort. This glamping resort offers modern villas that you can stay in comfortably at night while also keeping you close to the villages of Ubud so you can explore them and mingle with the locals during the day. Each villa comes with a private pool, along with a few other basic amenities you would expect for a lovely stay. It is a nice way to feel pampered while you live among the locals even just for a night or two.

Practical Tips When Camping with Kids

Camping with kids can be unpredictable and extra challenging. But with these practical tips, you can prepare for the challenges ahead and make the trip enjoyable for everyone in the family:

1. Practice camping at home. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of the wilderness is completely different from sleeping in your own bed, or a bed in the hotel room when you travel. Therefore, it is important to ease your child into this experience, especially if they are camping for the first time. Pitch a tent in your backyard and let them hang in it. This will make them feel comfortable with this sleeping setup so they know what to expect when you go camping.

2. Get them to help you pack. Involving your kids in the planning and preparation for your camping trip in Southeast Asia will heighten their excitement. Make sure that they pack their own gear using a list that you have created. It is also important that you double-check to make sure no essential item is left behind.

3. Bring foods that your kids will like. When you are camping in the jungles of Southeast Asia, your only food options are the ones you managed to pack. Make sure these are food items that your kids like since you have nowhere else to get them. Also, it is important to pack ready-to-eat snacks so they can easily munch on to something if they get hungry in-between meals.

4. Research, research, research. Getting as much information about the camping site as possible can be to your advantage. You will know what to expect when you get to your camping site and what activities you can enjoy there. Spending a day or two at a camp site could get easily boring for your kids when all you do is sit at the tent or by the fireplace. Make them feel the true sense of adventure that this camping trip promises to offer.

5. Inform your kids about safety protocols. Kids can get naturally curious, especially when they are in a new environment – they will want to explore! Let them know beforehand the basic safety rules such as how far away from the camp site they can wander and to not go off on their own. Do not be too strict when it comes to the rules you impose, though, as you do not want them to lose that sense of adventure. Just make sure to keep a close eye on them at all times.

Round Up

 Are you ready to go glamping with your family in Southeast Asia? The next time you are headed to the region for a family trip, escape the city and head to the mountains and spend a night or two in the wilderness. With the options provided above, you should be able to plan out the perfect camping itinerary that will enable you to make new memories as a family.

But if you want to rough it out, you can choose camping sites in Southeast Asia as an alternative, as well.

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