About Kids Hike Asia

Kids Hike Asia’s goal is to provide you with the best information about hiking some of the best trails in Asia so your family get as much enjoyment as possible from your adventures.

Kids Hike Asia also like to cultivate the act of sharing, so feel free to share your tips and guides as well as your family’s adventures.


About Me

My name is Julia,  mom to my daughter Laura, an Engineer, and a hiker (by birth).

Having grown up mostly in the mountainous region in the Philippines, hiking is a way of living. Going to school includes walking on trails and navigating narrow paddy field embankment. Surrounded by mountains, it is best to describe that we were living off-grid.

Fast forward…

I moved to Singapore, got a job, and had my precious daughter. Singapore is a concrete jungle but in contrast, there are abundant nature reserves and trails. Most of these trails are kid-friendly which became our weekend destination.

Benguet Province, Philippines

My parents lived in this province before they moved to Nueva Vizcaya. It was a wise decision  for me to moved back here since adulthood.

Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

I spent my younger years in this beautiful province. Surrounded by mountains and rice fields, living here means traversing through paddy fields and hiking mountains are daily activities.