Hong Kong is a bustling destination in Asia. It is popular with families because of the multitude of activities to enjoy and food to taste. When it comes to family-friendly destinations in Asia, Hong Kong is often number one on the list. How often can you find a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers and be within mountains and riversides in only a matter of minutes? Indeed, you might picture Hong Kong as a modern metropolis dominated by skyscrapers but that is just one facet of this vibrant destination. It is also gaining attention from hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers due to the abundance of trails and sights to see.

One of the things that make Hong Kong’s hiking trails unique is the scenic views that you can enjoy once you reach the summit. From a combination of natural sights and skyscrapers, it is a great way to gain a new perspective of just how diverse Hong Kong is. And the best part – these trails are easy to conquer. Whether you are looking for a leisurely walk to escape the city, or you want to break out a sweat a little, you’ll find plenty of options to fit into your hiking skill level. It is a great way to keep your kids’ excitement level up – it is always nice to change things up if you want them to relish some new sights, apart from what the city can offer.

Lace up your hiking boots. It’s time to get moving in these kid-friendly hiking trails in Hong Kong.

Dragon’s Back

1.  Dragon’s Back

Is there a more iconic hiking trail in Hong Kong than this? This hiking trail isn’t known as the best urban hike in Asia for nothing. When you reach the top of the summit, you will be treated to a one-of-a-kind view – on one end is the South China Sea and the other is the Shek O village. You can also spot a few remote islands from the top.

This is a lovely urban hike that is best suited for older kids – so if you have some toddlers, you might want to leave them behind in the hotel. Otherwise, the kids will enjoy making their way through the winding road on the ridges of the Shek O Country Park. There are some portions that consist of steep climbs and stairs. Some portions of the trail can be strenuous so it is best that you come in ready. Make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are suited for hiking.

When your hike is over, you might want to grab authentic Thai and Chinese food at Shek O Village. It is a nice treat after almost 4 hours of hiking. There are some easy portions to the hike but the hike, in general, is moderate in difficulty. The total hiking trail spans 8.5 km in distance.

Peak Tram

 2.  The Peak

The Peak is another family-friendly hike that would be ideal to take your kids to if you want to enjoy the best views! There are many hiking trails that you can choose from in order to reach the height of Victoria Peak.

The Mount Austin Road is one of the easiest paths you can take to navigate The Peak trail. This hiking trail is only 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This is a relatively easy hike and best suited for younger kids. As you make your way towards the Peak Tower, you will pass the Mount Austin Playground. This recreational area is perfect for your kids to stop in for a few minutes and play around. And it’s a good opportunity for you to take a quick rest.

The Victoria Peak Garden is another trail you can explore with your kids if you want to get to the Victoria Peak. It is located slightly uphill from Mount Austin Road. At 554 meters above sea level, it is the perfect spot to marvel at an unobstructed view of the city. There is a nice resting spot and a refreshment kiosk that you can go to if you want to relax after your hike.

Lamma Island

 3.  Lamma Island Family Trail

If your little ones are a little adventurous, the Lamma Island Family Trail is the perfect day expedition in Hong Kong. This trail will have you and your family navigating the northern part of Lamma Island. This hike will embark on Yung Shue Wan Village and will end at Sok Kwu Wan Village. The end and starting point of this route can be interchanged, depending on what is most accessible to you. However, majority of the hikers who explore this trail opt to begin at Yung Shue Wan Village as this is the main town of the island.

The town itself is quite bustling but once you make your way to this hiking route, it will transform into a natural haven. You will find yourself surrounded by lush greens and fields. Within 20 minutes of this trail, you will arrive at Hung Shing Yeh Beach. This isn’t halfway through the route yet, but it would be an ideal resting spot, especially since the rest of the trail will have you making your way through a steep ascent.

Despite the steep and hilly terrain, the Lamma Island Family Trail is paved. You won’t have to worry about dealing with slippery slopes so it is very safe for your kids to take on. When you pass a cave, you know that you are close to the end of this hiking trail. This cave once served as the hideout for the Japanese kamikaze boats. If you are a foodie, make sure to bring your family to a feast at the Seafood Street – the main thoroughfare in the village.

Tai Tam Family Walk

 4.  Tai Tam Family Walk

Another exciting yet picturesque hiking trail for the entire family is the Tai Tam Family Walk. This is a loop trail perfect for families and to take your kids to – as the name suggests. This is a calm and tranquil walk so it is ideal for when you want to get away from the city. This trail will have you exploring the Tai Tam Reservoir – the main water source of Hong Kong.

If you want to enjoy a laid-back weekend adventure with a leisurely walk and some nature sight-seeing, you won’t be disappointed. If you love architecture and history, make sure to take a short side trip to the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail. This is a perfect spot to take your kids to for a bit of a history lesson. This trail will show you up to 21 declared monuments. If your kids love architecture and history, it is an interactive learning experience they won’t soon forget.

This trail is easily accessible via public transport. This easy trail spans 1.6 km in length and can last for about an hour.  This trail is so easy that it is recommended even for kids as young as 2!

Bowen Road (Image by Great Runs)

 5.  Bowen Road

When it comes to kid-friendly hiking trails in Hong Kong, there is one that isn’t missing on the list: Bowen Road. It is not just kid-friendly, it is also stroller-friendly. Located in Hong Kong Island, Bowen Road has plenty of parking spots available so you can drive your car here and then park it so you can go for a leisurely hike. This is a short yet sweet trail but simply cannot be missed.

As you walk the shaded paths on Bowen Road, you will be feasting your eyes on spectacular city views. This is also a popular trail for runners, so that should clue you in that the path is paved. The paved path also means that you can take your stroller on your hike. It is the perfect spot to go to on weekends if you want to enjoy the lush greenery.

Lantau Island

 6.  Lantau Island

Another great spot to go to for young hikers such as those aged 6 is Lantau Island. This is a popular tourist destination for those who come to Hong Kong but it is also a lovely spot for day hiking. There are various trails that you can explore in Lantau but you can pick the easiest ones so your family can enjoy the view more.

One of the best trails is the 6-km one at Mui Wo ferry pier. Make sure to check out the signs and follow it along the trail until you get to the Trappist Haven Monastery. If you continue on the trail, you will reach the water’s edge and Discovery Bay. If your kids are tired from the hike, your family can rest by having lunch at the waterfront restaurant by the boardwalk. If you have extra time, you can even head to the beach!

Cheung Chau Family Trail

 7.  Cheung Chau Family Trail

The Cheung Chau Family Trail is one of the easiest hikes in Hong Kong to bring your kids to, but this is quite a long trail. Make sure to allot the whole day for this hike as it could take at least 3.5 hours. This is a loop trail that starts and ends at Cheung Chau Pier.

It is a meandering route that will let you explore a good portion of the island. You will also be treated to amazing sights of a gorgeous beach and colorful fishing boats that are anchored on the harbor. The Cheung Po Tsai is one of the highlights during this walk, which is a cave hideout for the pirates during the 18th century. While you traverse this trail with your kids, be sure to stop by the scenic Mini Great Wall. This is a coastal walk that offers more stunning views that you can enjoy. There are two notable rock formations by the coast including the Zombie Rock and Human Head Rock – they will surely pique your kids’ curiosity!

Kap Lung Ancient Trail

 8.  Kap Lung Ancient Trail

The Kap Lung Ancient Trail is another great trail to take your kids to if you want your little ones to experience nature. This is an easy trail that spans two kilometers in length. This route is on a downhill slope so it is not tough for your kids. But keep a watchful eye on them as you navigate this downhill terrain. If anything, this trail will give you a good leg workout.

This trail passes through rough-cut stone path wherein you will uncover remnants of this ancient trail. Aside from the ancient stone paths, you will pass by picturesque streams and dramatic peaks as the highlight of your hike. In particular, you would catch a glimpse of the Kwun Yam Shan peak. Your trail will conclude at a catchwater road at the Lui Kung Tin Village.

Peng Chau Family Walk

9.  Peng Chau Family Walk

To round up this list of kid-friendly hiking trails in Hong Kong, Peng Chau Family Walk is a must if you are seeking an easy hike. The trail culminates and ends at the Peng Chau Ferry Pier with a distance of 7 kilometers. You can allot 3.5 hours for this hike.

This hiking trail will center on the once thriving industrial center of Hong Kong – Peng Chau. This trail, therefore, offers views of abandoned factories along with ancient temple ruins. It would be a great opportunity to see the remnants of the site’s glorious past. The main highlight of this island walk is the climb towards Fung Ping Pavilion. This pavilion is situated on top of the Finger Hill. If your kids need convincing to come join you in this hike, they will be able to enjoy the view of Disneyland and Discovery Bay.

Featured Image by Little Step Asia

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